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NewsPlastic Free Deodorant

Plastic Free Deodorant

Our plastic free deodorant is packaged in fully compostable and recyclable cardboard tubes.

Did you know that every piece of plastic ever made still exists today? And will continue existing for at least 500 years! We are proud that our our deodorant is fully plastic free.

We want to turn the tide against sea plastic, help to keep our beaches clean and our sealife and coastal wildlife safe. We don’t want to contribute to the 8 million tonnes of plastic that enter the ocean each year.

We believe that if we all make small changes, collectively we can make a big difference.

We are committed to reducing plastic waste. The push-up deodorant tubes we use are crafted in cardboard making them plastic free, fully recyclable and environmentally friendly.

We’re not just good for you, we’re good for the planet too.

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